Professional Projects

Skykeepers – Level Designer

Studio – Sword Twin Studios
Genre – 2D Hack n’ Slash Platformer
Platforms – Steam, Xbox One, PS4


  • Designed, constructed and implemented 2D levels, scripting both combat and highly kinematic platform sections.
  • Combined existing assets and mechanics to create new and engaging gameplay features with little overhead.
  • Maintained a streamlined workflow in a short production cycle to create large quantities of content at a consistent level of creativity and quality.

Children of Morta – Narrative Designer

Studio – Dead Mage Studios
Genre – 2D Dungeon Crawler Rogue-Lite
Platforms – Steam, Xbox One, PS4 (Currently in Alpha)


  • Collaborated on main narrative with an international team, ensuring various ideas merged into a cohesive story.
  • Wrote narration and supplementary ingame text for an original world and cast of various personalities.
  • Assisted in Side-Quest Conception
  • Maintained a series of public blog posts enriching world and character development.
  • Created production documentation and various materials for publisher review and press events.

Tale of Ronin – Game/Narrative Designer

Studio – Dead Mage Studios
Genre – Tactic Rogue-Lite RPG
Platforms – Steam, Xbox One, PS4 (Currently in Pre-Alpha)


  • Collaborated on combat design and core mechanics.
  • Wrote, designed and created interactive prototypes of non-linear quests.
  • Crafted world and character treatments along with still and video mockups of mechanics for team reference and prototyping.
  • Researched similar titles to ensure a successful and unique perspective on proven designs.

Shadow Blade: Reload – Narrative Editor

Studio – Dead Mage Studios
Genre – Action-Platformer
Platforms – Steam, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android


  • Edited Narrative Comic
  • Edited Trailer Narration
  • Created Promotional Text